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Books by Bob White

One of our long term clients and a personal friend recently asked me to help him redesign his website. He has written a number of books and is hoping to reduce his inventory and wanted a clean easy-to-follow website focused mainly on his works.

We chose the Customizr Pro WordPress theme combined with Elementor to help us build a site as close to the blueprint he provided in a Word document. With a good bit of back and and forth we were able to get close to the site he wants. There are likely to be some further adjustments but the redesigned Books by Bob White site is now live.

We enjoyed reading his books, both fiction and non-fiction, which include a couple of mystery novels featuring Ben and Francesca.

In the Secret of Abetifi Newlywed graduate students, Ben and Francesca, accept an expense-paid honeymoon to investigate the report of a large number of centenarians living in the West African mountain-top village of Abetifi.  They stumble across the source of long life that brings them into terrifying conflict with a big Pharma company covertly developing an anti-aging pill, thus bringing their honeymoon to an exciting conclusion.

R. W. White also takes on current topics such as fracking in his book Hotbed in Tranquility.

Here are a couple of reviews of Hotbed in Tranquility

“Makes for a good read on a cold winter’s night with a glass of wine.” – Syndicated journalist.

“This book is fabulous.  I could NOT put it down,” – Canadian magazine writer.

If you like a good story, you should definitely visit Books by Bob White and pick up some of his writings before they vanish off the shelf.

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